High quality sliding fly screens | high quality sliding fly screens


Noflystore sliding fly screens are the answer for who is looking for an affordable and resistant product.

They have sliding panels easy to install, even for those who feel not very keen on it.

The simplicity of their structure makes them easier to remove and allows you to clean them or to store them when you don’t need the protection of a fly screen.

One of the main features of sliding fly screens is their strength, that allows them to resist the wind. Their robustness makes impossible the mesh to come out of the rail even when there’s bad weather.

Sliding fly screens are a classic model, an evolution of fly screens of the past, that keep intact the effectiveness of the purpose of their creation. They fit any kind of opening, thanks to their elementary conformation that guarantees great functionality without any sophisticated mechanisms, ideal for those who want an affordable and efficient product at the same time.


Sliding fly screens are generally recommended for not very frequented areas, in order to protect also these points of the house from the entry of insects.

In choosing your sliding fly screen you can opt for horizontal or vertical panels, you can choose the mesh in fibreglass that best suits your requirements, choosing within a wide range of possibilities, the number of panels and colour, being careful to enter the measures and you will have a complete quotation for your purchase.

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