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Convenient to use and easy to install, magnetic fly screens are the ideal solution to be installed on the recess of windows, doors, French doors, entry of camping and caravan. Magnetic fly screens are in fact universal models that fit any type of space. Magnetic fly screens are ideals for entrance doors of houses that overlook to the garden. So anyone who wants to go from one space to another should not be concerned about closing the fly screen (those with a complicated mechanism). With NoFlyStore fly screens, you have just to push gently the handle with one finger on the wall, and the magnet will lock the fly screen.

The fixed fly screen is recommended in case of iron grating, since its magnetic profile (optional) guarantees the total protection from outside.

Their convenience comes from their magnetic locking system. Indeed, on the terminal profiles of these fly screens there are magnets that attract themselves and automatically close the fly screen. Thanks to this system there’s no need of manual closing since it closes by itself.

-          The opening of magnetic fly screens is very simple. In this case, in fact, you only need to make a slight pressure on the handle to detach it from the terminal rail, and the fly screen will be free to open and give free passage.

-          If your hands are full there will be no need to put the object that you hold somewhere to open the fly screen.

-          The mesh sizes assure a good ventilation of the house and the maximal brightness of the spaces with the light coming from outside. The mesh is available in different colours to guarantee a maximal combination with the style of the space where you are going to install the fly screen.


Magnetic fly screens are among the most required one, and for this reason our catalogue of made-to-measure fly screens offers a wide range of this typology.

Magnetic fly screens are popular because they have higher quality than other types of fly screens, such as:

In addition, magnetic fly screens are also the most affordable ones on the market, making them an ideal choice for those who need a practical, fast and economical solution to protect the own spaces against mosquitoes during summer without giving up savings and protection.

If you are looking for a fast, efficient and affordable solution to protect your house from mosquitoes, choose Noflystore magnetic fly screens: you will therefore have savings that you will find only online, and the quality without any compromise that only Noflystore can offer for all its products.

Value it carefully: apart from the amazing prices, Noflystore offers free shipping whatever will be the amount of your order, and free replacement in case of mistake in sending measurements. Apart from mosquitoes, Noflystore also protects you from optional costs, unexpected surprises and possible measurement mistakes during the order; could you be more protected?

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