Fly screens for French doors -Protect your door with Noflystore fly screens


On the market, you can find different types of fly screens: roller, sliding, pleated, fixed or hinged ones. Excluding fixed fly screens, all the others are ideal for French Doors located on high traffic areas. All fly screens are provided with aluminium frame, a light and resistant material and can be composed of several modules to cover even very large spaces.

Pleated or sliding fly screens in particular are the most suitable for French doors with side opening such as balconies and verandas, because they follow the direction of the glass panels and allow you to open the screen either from right and left , or from the middle if the fly screen has two panels!For French doors, you can choose the side roll fly screens that allow you to move easily the mesh every time you need to go out; for some models, it’s even possible to stop the fly screen at the position that you prefer.

In both cases, the installation don’t require specific skills or waste of time; our fly screens for French doors can be installed in a moment, you just need a drill and few accessories already equipped with the fly screen.

In order to offer a complete protection, both from insects and allergens, NOFLYSTORE offers the anti-pollen mesh among its optional; this mesh can be installed on windows and French doors.

Fly screens for French doors with anti-pollen mesh are designed specifically to protect against lung problems, creating a barrier not only against mosquitoes and insects but also against ragweed, nettle and birch pollens while letting in air and light. These fly screens can be installed outside, directly on the French door or between the shutter/blind and the window/door.

Our fly screens for French doors are a precious help for the protection of your home, above all because of the high quality and resistance of materials thought to resist to the effect of time and the climate changes. The painted aluminium frame perfectly fits to the colour of your shutter and window, while the structure made of magnets, handle or a cord for the traction will made your fly screens truly interior design items easy to use.

On our website, you can buy the fly screen for French doors that better suits your requirements. Besides offering steel mesh, fibreglass or PVC it is possible to choose specific solutions for your French doors or windows with special shapes and measures.

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