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  1. Silver 01


    Silver - Roller
    On offer until: 11/1/20

    Roll-up Fly screens  SILVER.01 is equipped with an aluminium roller box and fiber glass mesh. Is a fly screen with a retractable spring loaded system that allows you to open and to close the screen completely. It's an economic solution and suitable for windows.


    €149.22 / m²

    €54.76 / m²

  2. Silver 02


    Silver - Roller
    On offer until: 11/1/20

    Roll-up fly screen SILVER.02 is a roller  screen suitable for windows, equipped with fiberglass mesh and an aluminium roller box. You can stop the screen at any position you want with its chain driven system.


    €161.78 / m²

    €59.37 / m²

FLY SCREENS FOR WINDOWS. ALL SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE. According to the type of window and its use, different kinds of fly screens for windows can be chosen. It is well known that, in high traffic areas fly screens have to be opened easily and do not have to be a hassle; for windows which do not need to be opened frequently, for example those which are to be found in basements or garages, fixed fly screens could be take into account, because even if they are less versatile, they are, on the other hand, cheaper. CREATE YOUR OWN MODEL. Is a fly screen for window a suitable solution for your requirements? Then configure your own model following the instructions right now! Start with width and height measures, choose the colour among over 20 different shades, then choose among the different meshes and assembly (standard or with magnet). It only takes 5 minutes to conclude your purchase and two days to receive your brand new fly screen directly at home!